Stay as a Guest

The only way to get to know the Makusue Ski Club is to come up for a weekend! We host many events and you can always contact our membership chair, Abby Cain at, to see about coming up for any weekend.

Staying as a Guest

All guests are assigned a sponsor – a member who can help get you settled, introduce you to members, and show you the ropes. Your sponsor will arrange the arrival time, usually after 9pm Friday night. If you have any troubles finding the place, or an emergency, contact this person to update your plans.

When you arrive at the club you will be given a tour of the house and shown to your assigned room. Once everyone arrives we will do collections for guest fees, meals and anything else as well as signing a release. Lift tickets will always be purchased at the mountain, even when we have discounts available.

Then sit back and relax!

What you should bring:

  • Bedding and Pillow for a twin bed or sleeping bag
  • Towel and toiletries, anything you would need for a weekend away
  • Clothing and gear for your activity
  • Equipment if you have it, or rent from a local shop
  • Beverages and lunch/snacks (We often have a chef for breakfast and dinner)
  • Please bring cash as the club cannot accept check, credit or debit cards
  • What else do you need to know?

Guest fees are $25 per night/person. During the winter, we hire a cook to prepare hot breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Saturday evening, provided that we have enough people. Cost is $35 for all of the meals.

Rooms are separated by gender. We do not have accommodations for couples.

As a guest, you’ll be assigned a bed for the weekend. Depending on how many people are up for the weekend, you may or may not have a roommate. We’ll try to keep you in the same room as your sponsor, unless that person is of the opposite sex, in which case we’ll put you pretty close. It is you and your sponsor’s responsibility to make sure that the room is clean before you leave. There is a checklist posted in each room.

Our members and guests are responsible for the care and cleaning of the house. At the end of our stay, we all pitch in and do a particular cleaning duty. Most take about 15 minutes or so. During the winter, or organized summer weekends, the duties are assigned by a board member.

Ready to stay?