History of the Makusues

The idea for the Makusue Ski Club was born in 1955 when Bob Boretti went on a ski trip with people from the Watertown Arsenal and they stayed at Storybrook Inn. A close friend of Bob’s, Jimmy Reardon, who worked at the Arsenal, got together after the trip with Charlie Bell, Joe Chaisson (of the Skibees), Hank Roberts, Kenny and Barry, and talked about starting a ski club. The six of them had meetings in a bar in Uphams Corner and at the Waldorf in Dorchester. That summer they decided to look for a place to stay next winter in North Country.

In the winter of ‘56 the group rented the Annex at Thorn Hill Lodge called the Barn. The members that year included Bob Boretti, Barry, Kenny, Charlie Bell, Bob McLean, Jim Reardon and Madeline McInerney, Betty Gelly, Gerry McLean, Ellie Realini, and Anne Kelly (Jim Reardon was in charge).

Hank Roberts came up with the name MAKUSUE for the group (Hank and Kenny were of Native American heritage and makusue means Eagle in Knisteneaux.) Jim Reardon worked hard at all the paper work to have the Makusue Ski Club become incorporated. Apres ski activities were usually at the Oak Lee in Jackson.

The membership grew during the first winter and the club began having monthly meetings in the Boston area at Hibernia Hall in Roxbury. Hibernia Hall also had Irish dance lessons and we had our meeting in a room under the dance hall. At times it sounded like the ceiling would cave in.

For the second season the Thorn Hill Lodge didn’t want us back because we were too rowdy! So we rented a house in Glen by the Red Parker Pub next to the Glen railroad station, which was the house for the Melrose Hickory Hawks Ski Club (and still is today).

After a couple of years renting houses in the Valley, the membership decided to look into purchasing a place. In 1960 the buildings of Russell Cottages in Kearsarge, NH were put on sale. The Makusues choose the old lodging building for the employees of the Inn. The neighboring buildings were purchased by the Ski Wheelers and the Skibees. That was the beginning of Tri-club!

The ski train from Boston brought folks right into Glenn and shuttles delivered Makusues to their home in the Mountains. By the 1970’s our club was at full capacity with a waiting list.

Today our club functions in the same way as it always as, a great place in the North Country for outdoor loving folks to have a good time.